NO-05: Eco-Friendly Kraft Notebook

$2.29 (w/GST), $2.10 (w/o GST)


NO-06: Ready Stock PU leather notebook

$6.56 (w/GST), $6.02 (w/o GST)


NO-07: Glittering Leather Notebooks

$7.65 (w/GST), $7.02 (w/o GST)


NO-02: Eco-Friendly Kraft Notebook

$3.49 (w/GST), $3.20 (w/o GST)


NO-03: Eco-Friendly Kraft Notebook

$3.49 (w/GST), $3.20 (w/o GST)


NO-04: Custom Post-It-Pad Notebooks

$3.00 (w/GST), $2.75 (w/o GST)


NO-10: Saddle Stitch Kraft Notebook

$2.83 (w/GST), $2.60 (w/o GST)


NO-12: Collins Clyde PU Leather Notebooks

$10.50 (w/GST), $9.63 (w/o GST)


NO-14: Collins Legacy PU Leather Notebooks

$10.50 (w/GST), $9.63 (w/o GST)


NO-15: Collins Gaia Fabric Notebooks

$10.50 (w/GST), $9.63 (w/o GST)


NO-16: Collins Metropolitan Glasgow Notebooks

$10.50 (w/GST), $9.63 (w/o GST)

Exceptional Custom Notebooks Printing in Singapore: Create Stunning Personalized Notebooks as Unforgettable Corporate Gifts!

At DC9 Gifts Pte Ltd, we specialize in providing top-quality custom notebooks printing services in Singapore, catering to all your personalized notebooks needs.

Our extensive range of ready stock customizable notebook covers includes three main types to suit your preferences:

  1. Eco-friendly cover – Crafted from brown kraft paper, this environmentally-friendly cover option is perfect for those seeking sustainable Singapore corporate gifts. Silkscreen printing is the preferred method for applying logos or designs onto kraft paper notebook covers.
  2. PU leather cover – Made from synthetic leather and available in a variety of colors, this premium cover choice can be personalized with your logo using silkscreen printing or embossing techniques.
  3. PP plastic cover – A durable and versatile plastic cover option that can be customized using silkscreen printing to showcase your brand or design.
  4. Sustainable cork material cover – Harversted from tree barks, these custom cork notebooks present a sustainable solution for companies who are environementally conscious.

Personalized notebooks are ideal promotional products or Singapore corporate gifts for events, exhibitions, or client appreciation. With our exceptional custom notebooks printing services, you can create unique and memorable gifts that leave a lasting impression.

Emphasize your brand identity and stand out from the competition with our high-quality personalized notebooks, perfect for all your Singapore corporate gifts needs. Contact DC9 Gifts Pte Ltd today to discover the possibilities!