Logitech and DC9 Gifts Pte Ltd are pioneering a new era in the realm of electronic gadgets, specifically tailored for corporate giftings in Singapore. Our collaboration is setting a new standard in the corporate world, offering a unique blend of technology and customization.

At the forefront of this partnership is the custom Wireless Presenter Remote Control. Leveraging Logitech’s advanced technological expertise, these remotes can now be personalized through custom printing, adding a touch of individuality to a practical office tool. Similarly, we are introducing custom-printed mouse pads, enhancing the aesthetics and functionality of workspace environments.

What truly sets this collaboration apart is DC9’s specialized in-house UV printing service. This technique ensures that corporate branding on these gadgets is not only vivid and eye-catching but also resonates with the professional ethos of the brand. This strategic alliance is transforming corporate gifts from mere items to powerful branding tools, making each product a meaningful and memorable part of the corporate identity.