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NO-05: Eco-Friendly Kraft Notebook 05

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Model: NO-05 Customized Eco-Friendly thick cover notebooks

Dimension of notebook: 18cm x 13cm

Number of pages: 70 sheets (140 pages)

All pages are plain without any lines

Estimated Unit Price: $1.80$2.50

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3 benefits of customized eco-friendly recycled Kraft paper notebooks

Our society is getting more and more environmentally conscious over what we use daily. As part of playing a part in a sustainable future, DC9 Gifts Pte Ltd has launched many recycled notebooks to provide our clients with wider choices over custom notebook printing in Singapore. There are 3 notable benefits of choosing eco-friendly notebooks as corporate gifts.

Corporate image – end users who receive your custom printed notebooks know that your company is behind a green movement which in turn boosts your corporate image. Society values companies who are environmentally conscious.

Handy and practical – These A5 size Kraft paper notebooks are extremely easy to carry around for events, exhibitions, meetings and kept in purses. End users can retrieve these notebooks effortlessly as and when needed to take notes.

Branding and marketing – with a printed logo and message at the front of the notebook, end users are constantly reminded of your corporate brand and logo. This allows companies to achieve their marketing goal.