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Sustainability Swag Packs

SSP-01: Sustainability Swag Pack 01


Sustainability Swag Packs

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Sustainability Swag Packs

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Sustainability Swag Packs

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Sustainability Swag Packs

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Sustainability Swag Packs

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Sustainability Swag Packs

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Sustainability Swag Packs

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DC9 Gifts Pte Ltd: Eco-Friendly Corporate Gifts Supplier in Singapore

Delight your clients, employees, and partners with a sustainable choice: eco-friendly swag packs by DC9 Gifts Pte Ltd. Embodying our commitment to the environment, these corporate gifts ensure your brand makes a lasting impression, while also promoting environmental responsibility.

We have curated a series of swag packs and corporate gifts with sustainability in mind.

Custom Felt Folders: Stylish and Sustainable

Our custom felt folders offer a classy, eco-friendly way to stay organized. Crafted from high-quality felt, these folders are not only durable but also lend a unique texture and aesthetic appeal to your corporate gifting.

Cork Material Notebooks: Nature Meets Innovation

Experience the fusion of nature and innovation with our cork material notebooks. The eco-conscious cork cover is sustainable and distinct, setting these notebooks apart as stylish, yet green corporate gifts.

Wheat Fibre Ballpoint Pens and USB Flash Drives: Biodegradable Functionality

Add a touch of eco-friendly practicality to your swag pack with our wheat fibre ballpoint pens and USB flash drives. Lightweight, durable, and biodegradable, these items showcase your commitment to the environment without compromising on functionality.

Reusable Canvas Tote Bags: Your Brand on the Go

Make your brand travel with our custom printed reusable canvas tote bags. A practical and trendy alternative to plastic, these totes serve as a constant reminder of your brand and its green ethos.

Reusable Thermal Flasks: Keep Drinks Hot or Cold All Day Long

Complete your eco-friendly swag pack with our reusable thermal flasks. Ideal for hot or cold beverages, these flasks help reduce single-use plastic waste while keeping drinks at the perfect temperature.

With DC9 Gifts Pte Ltd, sustainability meets style in our eco-friendly swag packs. We’re helping businesses in Singapore make a statement that’s not only about quality but also about caring for our planet.