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Custom Towels Printing

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Custom Towels Printing

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Towels Customized and Printed As Corporate Gifts in Singapore

Customized Towels Singapore As Corporate Gifts in Singapore
Customized Towels Singapore As Corporate Gifts in Singapore

Our customized towel printing service in Singapore is ideal as corporate gifts, combining practicality with long-lasting brand visibility.

We offer in-house silkscreen printing, heat transfer printing, and embroidery services for our customized towels. These printed towels are perfect for sports events, popular among gym-goers, and widely used at beaches.

Many companies and businesses utilize the versatility of custom towel printing as a key component of their corporate gifting marketing campaigns.

In this article, we will delve into the details of towel customization.

Section One – 10 commonly used purposes for printed customized towels:

Here are 10 commonly used purposes and events for customized towels in Singapore:

Customized Towels Singapore for Badminton Sports Events
Customized Towels Singapore for Badminton Sports Events
    1. Sports Events: At marathons, triathlons, and other athletic competitions, printed towels such as cooling towels are often given to participants as a practical souvenir. These towels not only help athletes stay dry but also serve as a memorable keepsake with the event’s logo prominently displayed.
    2. Corporate Gifts: Companies frequently include printed personalised towels in their corporate gift packages. These towels, emblazoned with the company logo, are appreciated by employees and clients alike, offering a useful item that reinforces brand recognition every time it’s used, whether at home or on the go.
    3. Trade Shows and Exhibitions: Customized towels are a hit at trade shows and exhibitions. Exhibitors hand them out to visitors as a promotional item, ensuring that the company’s branding remains visible long after the event. These towels are practical, making them more likely to be kept and used.
    4. Customized Towels Singapore for Yoga Studios
      Customized Towels Singapore for Yoga Studios

      Fitness Centers, Yoga and Gyms: Gyms, yoga centres and fitness centers distribute branded towels to their members. These towels, often featuring the gym’s logo, are used during workouts and add a professional touch to the gym’s amenities, enhancing the overall member experience and promoting the brand.

    5. Resorts and Spas: Resorts and spas provide guests with branded towels as part of their luxury service. These towels, adorned with the resort or spa logo, enhance the guest experience and serve as a reminder of the relaxing stay, often finding their way home with guests as a cherished souvenir.
    6. Charity Events: During charity events, printed towels are commonly used as giveaways or sold to raise funds. These towels, featuring the charity’s logo and message, help spread awareness and support the cause, providing participants with a useful item that carries a meaningful message.
    7. Beach Parties and Events: At beach parties and events, branded towels are a popular item. These towels, often featuring the event or sponsor’s logo, are practical for drying off after a swim and serve as a fun memento of the day, keeping the brand visible in a relaxed setting.
    8. Hotel Amenities: Hotels enhance their guest experience by providing branded towels as part of their room amenities. These towels, emblazoned with the hotel logo, offer a touch of luxury and practicality, ensuring that guests remember their stay every time they use the towel.
    9. Music Festivals: Printed towels are a great merchandise item at music festivals. Fans purchase these towels as a practical and memorable souvenir of the festival, featuring the event’s logo and dates, which they can use and display long after the music has ended.
    10. School and University Events: Educational institutions use printed towels for various events, such as alumni gatherings, sports meets, and student giveaways. These towels, featuring the school’s logo and colors, foster school spirit and provide a functional item that students and alumni can use regularly.

Section 2 – Four common materials used for printed towels

    1. Cotton: Known for its softness, absorbency, and durability, cotton is the most popular material for towels. It is also easy to print on and retains colors well.
    2. Microfiber: This synthetic material is highly absorbent, quick-drying, and lightweight. Microfiber towels are commonly used in sports, fitness, and cleaning applications.
    3. Bamboo: Bamboo towels are known for their natural antibacterial properties, softness, and eco-friendliness. They are also highly absorbent and gentle on the skin.
    4. Polyester: Often blended with other materials like cotton, polyester adds strength and durability to towels. It is also more resistant to shrinking and wrinkling. Polyester towels are commonly used for promotional purposes due to their affordability.

Section 3 – Characteristics of DC9 Gifts Pte Ltd’s customized towels

    • High Absorbency
    • Soft and Does Not Damage Paint
    • Double-Sided Thickness
    • Long-Lasting and Does Not Shed
    • Long-Lasting and Does Not Fade
    • Natural and No Additives

Section 4 – Printing methods for printed customized towels in Singapore:

printing methods for towels in Singapore
printing methods for towels in Singapore
    1. Embossing: Embossing involves creating a raised design on the towel by pressing it with a special tool. This method provides a textured effect without adding any color. Embossing is ideal for creating subtle, elegant logos that stand out through texture rather than color.
    1. Rubber Printing: Rubber printing uses a rubber material to print the design onto the towel. This method is durable and allows for vibrant colors. Suitable for designs requiring bright colors and durability, often used for sports towels or promotional items.
    2. Silk Screen Printing: Silk screen printing involves pushing ink through a mesh screen that has been prepared with the design. This method allows for precise and multi-colored designs. It is commonly used for high-quality, detailed logos and designs, suitable for both small and large print runs.
    3. Zipper Pocket: Adding a zipper pocket to the towel provides functionality and convenience. The pocket can be used to store small items. Ideal for gym or beach towels where users might need to store keys, cards, or other small belongings.
    4. Elastic Band: An elastic band is sewn into the towel, which can be used to roll up and secure the towel for easy storage and transport. Useful for travel towels, gym towels, and any situation where portability is important.
    1. Snap Button with Hook: A snap button and hook feature allows the towel to be hung up easily, enhancing its usability. Perfect for gym and fitness towels, or any environment where the towel needs to be hung up frequently.

These customization methods add both aesthetic appeal and functional benefits to printed towels, catering to various needs and preferences.