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Custom Umbrellas Printing

UM-01: Custom Non-UV Coated Umbrellas


Custom Umbrellas Printing

UM-02: Internal UV-Coated Umbrellas


Custom Umbrellas Printing

UM-03: External UV-Coated Umbrellas


Custom Umbrellas Printing

UM-04: Standard Golf Umbrellas


Custom Umbrellas Printing

UM-05: Standard 3-Fold Umbrellas


Custom Umbrellas Printing

UM-06: Standard 3-Fold Umbrellas with UV


Custom Umbrellas Printing

UM-07: Standard Golf Umbrella with UV


Enhance Your Corporate Identity with Custom Umbrella Printing in Singapore

Custom umbrellas, as corporate gifts for clients, not only show appreciation but also enhance brand visibility. Discover how this strategy could uplift your brand.

High-Quality Promotional Gifts Products to Show Appreciation

The practice of giving corporate gifts has long been a vital component of maintaining strong business relationships. They are tokens of appreciation that also serve as tangible reminders of your brand. When choosing these gifts, it’s crucial to opt for items that are functional, high-quality, and bear a touch of personalisation.

The Value of Custom Umbrellas

Among various gifting options, custom umbrellas have emerged as a popular choice in Singapore. They are practical, durable, and provide a large canvas for displaying your company logo or any other elements of your brand identity. Every time your gift is used, it increases your brand’s exposure, essentially making it a mobile advertisement.

Ready Stock Umbrellas for Quick Branding Solutions

Our collection keeps ex-stock or ready stock umbrellas, available in 3-fold or straight J-hook non-foldable types. This variety allows you to choose a style that best fits your brand image. The ready stock availability means that we can quickly imprint your logo and deliver the products, making them perfect for sudden marketing events or campaigns.

Superior Quality and Craftsmanship

Our custom umbrellas are made of high-quality pongee material, ensuring longevity and continuous usability. The metallic skeleton structures are perfectly bonded, providing robust support and resilience, even in adverse weather conditions.

Each umbrella, before bearing your logo, is already a product of excellent craftsmanship. Thus, when we add your unique branding, we create a corporate gift that not only promotes your business but also represents the quality your brand stands for.

Custom Umbrellas: Excellent for Corporate Branding

In summary, custom umbrellas are an excellent choice for corporate logo branding, particularly for marketing events and campaigns. They offer a blend of practicality, durability, and broad brand visibility. In Singapore, with its frequent showers, your corporate umbrella gift could become an essential item for your clients, providing repeated exposure and reinforcement of your brand.

Make the right impression and choose a corporate gift that speaks volumes about your brand’s identity and values. Opt for custom umbrella printing offered by DC9 Gifts Pte Ltd, and let your brand stand out, rain or shine.