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Custom L-Shape Folders Printing

LSF-01: Opaque L-Shape Folders


Custom L-Shape Folders Printing

LSF-02: Translucent L-Shape Folders


Where to buy custom A4 size L-shape folder printing in Singapore.

PP A4 size L-shape folders are extremely popular office stationery which is used to hold A4 size documents and piece of papers. This plastic material is made from polypropylene (PP) which is very durable and lasting. The folder is used to organize standard paper size measuring approximately 210mm by 297mm. The folder comes in a L-shape design which allows users to easily remove and insert contents.

Custom PP A4 L shape folder printing is usually done using either silkscreen printing or offset printing.

Silkscreen printing is a simple method of printing which our company can print in-house. This method of printing is also popular because of it’s cost-effectiveness and speed of print. Our models LSF-01 opaque L-shape folders and LSF-02 translucent L-shape folders are printed using this traditional silkscreen printing method in which design is transferred via a stencil onto these file folders. However, we are limited to one to threes printing using silkscreen printing. Another point to note is our glossy LSF-01 surface finishing A4 folders with 0.25 mm thickness and matt surface finishing A4 folders with 0.20 mm thickness.

Another method of A4 size L-shape plastic folder printing is offset UV printing method in which design is transferred on a metal plate and then printed onto these folders. Offset UV printing is capable of printing full color design contrary to silkscreen printing in which number of colors is a limitating factor. Our model LSF-03 full color L-shape folder is printed using offest UV printing.

All in all, we are able to supply high quality, custom printed PP A4 size L-shape folders in Singapore with our in-house printing facilities. Do engage us if you wish to custom print your next batch of file folders.

DC9 Gifts Pte Ltd has ready stocks for A4 size PP L-shape folders which can be custom printed and delivered within 3-5 working days after order and design confirmation.