LSF-03: Full Color L-Shape Folders Printing

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Product Description: Full Color L-Shape Folders Printing in Singapore
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Customized A4 size plastic L-shape folders printing in Singapore.

PP L-shape plastic folders are widely use because of it’s durability and highly customized nature. These file folders are used by the following group of people at the following places:

Singapore L-shape folders printing for schools:

Teachers and students at schools and universities. These handy and light files are ideal folders for foolscap papers, examination papers and loose papers. Below picture shows our recent printed L-shape folders for Victoria Junior College, Hwa Chong Institution’s 25th Student Leaders Convention and also Zulfa!

Singapore L-shape folders printing for hospitability sector such as hotels.

These plastic file folders are also excellent tools for hotels to keep and maintain a proper filing system. We have printed many runs of these high quality L-shape folders for Park Hotel. These are great filing systems to systemize their paper invoices and other items.

L-shape file folder is basically made up of two pieces of PP plastic hot stamped from top left of the file in a L-shape manner to bottom right corner. Thus it is called L-shape folder.

The file generally measures 31cm by height and 44cm by width when it is flatten. When folded, this plastic folder caters nicely to an A4 size paper. Of course, we can also customize any shape of your choice.

L-shape folders with compartments and namecard holders

Besides standard configuration, we can also add in the following items for these L-shape folders.

Additional inner layers. We can add additional layers of 1, 2 or 3 layers for different assortment of paper products. We can also add additional name card holders in front or back of the folder.

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