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A4 L-Shape Folders Printing

Ready Stock A4 L-shape Folder Printing & Fully Customized High Definition Digital Printing (Updated June 2019).

There are typically 2 types of logo printing for A4 L-shape folder printing. We are going to discuss the differences in terms of printing methods, price differences, thickness and lead time requirements.

Printing methods – For simple one color logo printing, it is advisable to use ready stock plastic file folders which come in various colors of White, Blue, Green, Yellow, Red, Purple, Orange and Smoke together with silkscreen printing. On the other hand, if you have full image artwork printing, then the only way is to use fully customized high definition digital printing. Simple silkscreen printing is unable to achieve multiple color printing.

Price differences – Silkscreen printing on ready stocks is generally cheaper compared to digital printing because at DC9 Gifts Pte Ltd, silkscreen printing is done in-house while all digital printings of plastic is done in China. As such, we save on freight cost.

Thickness – Ready stocks come in thickness of 0.20 mm while generally for digital printed folders, we usually purchase 0.25 mm for our clients.

Lead time requirements – We can delivery within 3-4 days for one color silkscreen printing while digital printing will take about 2-3 weeks due to freight from China.

Singapore’s Leading Custom L-shape Folder Supplier

PP L-shape folders are useful for putting A4 size documents and carry around for meetings and events. More importantly where customization is concerned, we are able to imprint clients full color artwork as a form of marketing and branding.

Being a corporate gifts Singapore supplier, we have a wide range of products for our clients selection. Besides our in-house printing facility with silkscreen printing facility, we also focus a lot on products customization and PP plastic L-shape folder is one such item.

We offer 2 types of PP L-shape folder printing tecniques – silkscreen printing and full color high definition digital printing.


For silkscreen printing, we can only imprint 1-2 colors logos. We use existing L-shape folders and printing using our in-house printing facility. The advantage of this is the fast turn around time. We can usually deliver within 3-5 working days.

Park Hotel L-shape Folder Design

Second method is to use full color high definition digital printing. This cannot be achieved in Singapore and thus we need to engage our Chinese factory to do it. Lead time is usually 2-3 weeks. However, we are able to print full color artwork like the Park Hotel L-shape folders below. We print your fully conceptualized artwork on both sides of the L-shape folders in full colors.

Thickness of L-shape folders also plays an important part in it’s quality. Generally other suppliers are using 0.2mm polypropylene material. However, in DC9, after many years in the marketing, we feel that the optimum thickness should be 0.25mm which makes the L-shape folders much more durable and classy.

Do engage DC9 Gifts Pte Ltd for your next custom L-shape folder printing!

Customized L-shape folders for Victoria Junior College (VJC)

DC9 Gifts Pte Ltd was engaged by VJC to print a batch of customized plastic A4 size L-shaped folders for Student Leadership Week held in 2018.

Printing for plastic folder was done in full colored digital printing on both sides with VJC’s mascot.


Supplying 0.2mm ready stock PP polypropylene L-shape folders with simple 1-2 colors printing

Besides customizing full color printing for 0.25mm L-shape folders, we also supply ready stock 0.2mm PP L-shape folders with 1-2 colors in-house printing. These A4 folders come in various colors such as smoke black, transparent, blue, green, purple, orange. We can print and supply typically within 5-7 working days.

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