NWB-07: Custom Laminated Non-Woven Bags

$1.96 (w/GST), $1.80 (w/o GST)

Product material: 90 GSM non-woven material with lamination.
Product Dimensions: Custom according to clients’ requirements.
Estimated Leadtime: 3-4 weeks after order confirmation.

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Customized laminated non-woven bag supplier in Singapore

This is a custom printed laminated non-woven bag with full color artwork printing on both sides of the bag.

Lamination of non-woven bags is a different technique from standard non-woven bags printing.

Lamination allows clients’ to print full color artwork without any restrictions and edge to edge limitations which is not achievable by silkscreen printing.

However, this type of printing often requires a high minimum order quantity (MOQ) of around 500 pcs per order.

Nevertheless, laminated non-woven bags are extremely popular type of tote bag printing in Singapore.

Differences between Laminated Non-Woven Bags and Silkscreen Printed Non-Woven Bags

Generally there are 2 different types of printing processes for non-woven bags – either by silkscreen printing or lamination. Both production processes bring about differences in minimum order quantity, artwork restrictions and lead time.

Production Process Differences – Laminated non-woven bags is a much more complex process as compared to silkscreen printing process. Artwork is first printed on a thin piece of laminate before being heat press onto non-woven bags using big machines.

On the contrary, standard non woven bag with printing is completed via silkscreen printing . In Singapore, there’s currently no supplier that does in house printing for laminated non-woven bags. On the other hand, we carry out silkscreen printed non-woven bags in our production warehouse in Singapore. This also brings about difference in lead time for both types.

Laminated non-woven bags will usually take 6-7 weeks including sea freight while in-house silkscreen printing just takes about 3-5 days.

Artwork Printing for both types of printing – Lamination allows gradient to be printed across the whole bag. This allows designers and clients to do full page artwork printing. Silkscreen printing can only achieve solid colors of generally 1-4 colors.

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