PL-04: Ready Stock Plastic Pens 04

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DC9 Gifts Pte Ltd: Your Supplier for Custom Branded Ballpoint Pens

DC9 Gifts Pte Ltd keeps stock for an extensive selection of promotional and corporate branded ballpoint pens. These customizable, plastic pens serve as perfect giveaways for exhibitions and events.

Design Considerations for Custom Plastic Ballpoint Pens Printing

The design area on the curved pen barrel offers limited space. For optimal visibility and aesthetic appeal, we suggest keeping the artwork minimal. A simpler design will ensure clarity and legibility on the pen’s small surface area.

Sustainable Material Options

Our pens are made primarily from traditional plastic. However, we also offer an eco-friendly alternative: wheat fibre material. This innovative, green option decomposes naturally over time, reducing environmental impact.

Printing Techniques for Corporate Logos

Your corporate logo can be incorporated into the pen design using several printing techniques. We offer pad printing, silkscreen printing, and UV printing, and we will help you choose the best method based on your graphic.

Contact Us for Your Next Custom Pen Order

Look no further than DC9 Gifts Pte Ltd for your next batch of custom printed plastic pens. We promise superior quality and service tailored to your specific needs.