LSF-01: Opaque L-Shape Folders

$1.09 (w/GST), $1.00 (w/o GST)


CRF-01: Custom A4 2D Ring File

$3.71 (w/GST), $3.40 (w/o GST)


HL-01: Customized Palm Highlighter

$2.91 (w/GST), $2.67 (w/o GST)


HL-02: Customized Flower Highlighter

$2.91 (w/GST), $2.67 (w/o GST)


HL-03: Customized Coral Highlighter

$2.91 (w/GST), $2.67 (w/o GST)


PHS-02: Custom Plastic Pen Holders 02

$4.40 (w/GST), $4.04 (w/o GST)


PL-05: Ready Stock Plastic Pens 05

$0.93 (w/GST), $0.85 (w/o GST)


PL-01: Ready Stock Plastic Pens 01

$0.93 (w/GST), $0.85 (w/o GST)

DC9 Gifts Pte Ltd supplies a wide range of customized stationery as corporate gifts in Singapore.

Our ready stock stationeries include clipboards, highlighters, custom plastic ballpoint pens printing, custom metallic pens printing, pen holders, L-shape folders printing, custom ring files printing and many more.

Most of our stationery products are printed either with silkscreen printing or UV printing.