Classic Swag Pack 09

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This Classic-Swag-Box Includes:

  1. A custom kraft paper box
  2. A custom PU leather notebook
  3. A custom metallic pen
  4. A custom thermos vacuum flask
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Unveiling Swag Pack 09: Ajinomoto’s Customized Corporate Gifts Solution

As the corporate world becomes more and more personalized, the importance of customized items for enhancing brand visibility and connection can’t be overstated. We’ve recently delivered a swag pack in Singapore for Ajinomoto to create a unique corporate gift package, which we are proud to present as our newest Swag Pack 09.

Recent Customized Swag Pack 09 for Ajinomoto

The Swag Pack 09 is a comprehensive marketing kit comprising of four distinct yet cohesive items. This isn’t just a collection of branded items, it’s an integrated experience that subtly weaves the essence of Ajinomoto into each piece.

Included in the pack is a custom printed notebook, adorned in full color with a group photo and the iconic Ajinomoto logo. The beautifully designed and printed notebook isn’t just a utility item, but a memento that celebrates team spirit and corporate identity.

Accompanying the notebook is a custom printed vacuum thermos flask. Sleek, black, and classy, it offers practicality with a touch of sophistication. It’s a perfect reflection of Ajinomoto’s ethos of combining function with aesthetic appeal.

Next in the pack is a custom printed metallic pen, each personalized with individual names. This touch of personalization elevates the gift from a mere corporate offering to a thoughtful acknowledgment of each team member’s contribution.

Completing the pack is a custom printed kraft box, bearing the Ajinomoto logo and its memorable slogan. It ties together the entire Swag Pack 09, delivering an all-encompassing Ajinomoto experience from the moment the recipient lays eyes on it.

Our Swag Pack 09 for Ajinomoto is more than just a collection of items; it’s a comprehensive, tactile experience of the brand. It’s an excellent corporate gift that manifests Ajinomoto’s values and identity, creating a deeper connection with its clients, and enhancing its corporate presence in a subtle yet impactful way. The Swag Pack 09 is an epitome of what thoughtful, well-curated corporate gifting can achieve.

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