QD06: Quick Dry Polo T-Shirts Basic


Product Description: Top selling quick dry polo t-shirts. Suitable fabric for both indoor and outdoor events.
Product Material: Quick dry or dri-fit material with 100% microfiber eyelet
Fabric Weight: 160 g/m2
Sizes Available: 2XS, XS, S, M, L, XL, 2XL, 3XL, 5XL, 7XL

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The QD06 Quick Dry Polo T-Shirts Basic, available in a range of solid colors, are a top-selling choice for versatile and comfortable apparel in Singapore. Ideal for unisex and ladies’ cuts, these polo t-shirts cater to a broad audience, making them perfect for both casual and formal events. The unique quick-dry or dri-fit material, comprising 100% microfiber eyelet, ensures the wearer stays comfortable and dry, whether indoors or outdoors. This feature makes them an excellent option for Singapore’s humid climate.

With a fabric weight of 160 g/m2, these polo t-shirts strike the perfect balance between durability and breathability. The lightweight design doesn’t compromise on quality, ensuring that each t-shirt withstands the rigors of daily wear and frequent washing. This balance of features positions them as a prime choice for polo t-shirts printing, where both comfort and longevity are key considerations.

What sets the QD06 line apart in the realm of dry fit polo t-shirts printing is its adaptability to various printing techniques, making it a popular option for custom designs and corporate branding. Whether it’s for team uniforms, corporate events, or personal use, these t-shirts in Singapore serve as an ideal canvas for high-quality, long-lasting prints. Their compatibility with different printing methods ensures that every design is vibrant and durable, reflecting a professional image for any occasion.

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