CLT-06: Custom Remove-Before-Flight Luggage Tags


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Remove Before Flight key tags have evolved into popular accessories for travelers to identify their luggage. These tags are known for their vibrant red color and bold lettering, making them easily distinguishable on baggage carousels. Their unique design stands out, assisting travelers in quickly spotting their luggage among a sea of similar bags, reducing the risk of mix-ups.

The purpose of these key tags in a travel context is primarily for easy identification and a touch of personal style. They offer a practical solution for travelers to keep track of their belongings, especially in busy airports or train stations. Additionally, our customized luggage tags allow travelers to add a personal touch or include important contact information.

Customization of these key tags is a key feature, with options like embroidery, heat transfer, or sublimation printing. Embroidery ensures a long-lasting, tactile finish, while heat transfer and sublimation are ideal for intricate, colorful designs. This versatility in design and printing methods makes these key tags not just practical, but also a fashionable accessory for savvy travelers.

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