Embroidery Services in Singapore


Embroidery printing has been a traditional commercial branding method for many decades. It starts off as simple stitching on fabric materials and evolves to small sewing machines that automatically completes the task with minimum manual labour work.

Today, commercially, embroidery services on apparels such as t-shirt printing, canvas tote bags printing and many other promotional products are done using large, sophisticated machines with 4 heads, 6 heads or even more. These computerized sewing machines greatly increases companies’ productivity and output performances.

Embroidery service is one of the main three decorative methods for apparels and fabrics printing.

Contrary to silkscreen printing and heat transfer printing, logos and brands decorated on apparels and canvas materials are extremely lasting, washing machine resistant and professionally looking. However, like all printing methods, none is perfect by itself. Embroidered logos generally does not give a sharp and crisp finishing like heat transfer or silkscreen printed logos.

custom tote bags printed using embroidery method
custom tote bags printed using embroidery method

As seen on the finished canvas bag printing above, the embroidered logo has a fair bit of unevenness at all edges. This is part and parcel of embroidery service.

DC9 Gifts Pte Ltd provides high quality and cost efficient embroidery services in Singapore.

custom polo t-shirts printing using embroidery services
custom polo t-shirts printing using embroidery services

We are able to do embroidery on difficult and odd locations such as folding seams above the front pocket as shown in the picture above. This method of embroidery is extremely tedious and requires high level of accuracy and patience.

Besides apparel printing such as t-shirts printing, we can also provide embroidery services on canvas bags, baseball caps, aprons and any other kinds of Singapore corporate gifts with fabric materials.