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RP-26: Canvas Bags Printing Gillman Barracks cotton canvas bag printing.. Product #: RP-26

Cotton Canvas Bag Printing in Singapore

Product Code: RP-26

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Unit Price With One Color Printing:
CB-05: 100 pcs: $2.40
CB-05: 200 pcs: $2.20
CB-05: 300 pcs: $2.10
CB-05: 400 pcs: $2.10
CB-05: 500 pcs: $2.00
CB-05: 700 pcs: $1.90
CB-05: 1000 pcs: $1.80
3 to 5 days after confirmation
Unit Price Without Printing:
CB-05: $1.60
Colors In-Stock:
Beige / Cream

Secrets revealed on why canvas bag printing is gaining popularity in Singapore (Updated June 2019)

Cotton canvas tote bag carriers are gaining popularity in Singapore due to their durability, re-usability and most importantly marketing capability. We are probably the largest tote bag stockist in Singapore. DC9 carries a wide range of tote bag models, colors and sizes supplying to different communities and serving purposes which include carrier bags for events, weddings, special occasion like Father's Days and also corporate gifts. 

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Durability of canvas bag fabric ranging from 4 ounce to 12 ounce

Canvas Bag Fabric with Different Densities
Canvas Bag Fabric with Different Densities


Canvas bag is well known for its high strength which results in increased durability compared to non woven material. Canvas bag typically comes in 4 ounce, 6 ounce, 8 ounce, 10 ounce and 12 ounce (Oz in short for ounce). 8 oz is commonly used for its ease of sewing, cost effectiveness and soft texture. As such, we have ready stock canvas bags in 8 oz to cater to Singapore's market demand.

4 ounce canvas fabric tends to be thin and fairly translucent. Thickness increases with higher density. 12 Oz is the thickest ready stock canvas tote bag we have. Its fabric tends to have a coarse texture as compared to 8 Oz.

Re-Usability of canvas bags to cut down plastic waste

Reuse Cotton Canvas Bags
Reusing and Recycling Canvas Bags


Re-Usability of canvas bags is also a main consideration for end users. This material is very resistant to wear and tear. At the same time, it is also washable for continuous usage should the bag gets dirty. 

Many companies in Singapore are going green and doing their parts in reducing plastic bag waste by switching to eco-friendly tote bags made of canvas material or non-woven fabric bags. Check out our non-woven bags customization by clicking here

Marketing capability of canvas tote bags

Canvas Bag Printing for SGSecure and PA


Perhaps the most important factor in customizing canvas bag carriers is the marketing capability of these bags. Government agencies, MNCs, SMEs and non profit organizations tend to print their corporate logo on these tote bags for give away to achieve their marketing purposes. Printed canvas bags play large part in a successful marketing campaign and we are proud to be their partner and supplier. 

So how does DC9 become the leading canvas bags supplier in Singapore? The answer lies with our never ending quest for quality products and best printing results.

One of our popular ready stock canvas bag model is CB-07 black in color. Each handle length is 60 cm from end to end. This length is optimum and best after many years of feedback from end users. Users can hold the handle in their hands or sling over their shoulders with comfort and ease. Secondly, all handles are cross stitched to further strengthen the load carrying capacity of the bag. You can literally fill the bag full of stones without the handles giving way and breaking up. 

The size of canvas bags measure about 32 cm by 37 cm without sides or base. These dimensions allow end users to put A4 content comfortably. 

Canvas tote bag printing is what we do everyday in our own production facility. Most ready stock canvas tote bags can only be silkscreen printed with 1, 2 or 3 solid colors with some clearances away from sewing seams. While it might seem trivial to print one solid colors on canvas tote bags, they are still many companies not able to supply consistent printing for large orders.  

Canvas bag material has a lot of cotton residues on the surfaces. During Printing, a lot of these residues will stick onto printing frames causing incomplete or inconsistent printouts. In DC9, we practice constant cleaning underneath these frames to ensure each bag is printed clearly without any missing graphics. 

Canvas Bag Silkscreen Printing with Gold
Gold Silkscreen Printing on Canvas Bags


Silkscreen printing is the most economical, traditional and straightforward method for bag printing. However, it does has it's limitations which is the inability to print complex graphics with gradient like the artwork below we have printed for St. Luke's Hospital. The artwork below was hand printed and we capture using a camera, raw processed the file and make it ready for printing using our newly added Roland heat transfer machine.  

We combined both silkscreen and heat transfer printing to produce the special and unique tote bag as seen below. Silkscreen printing was used for all texts printing on both sides after which we heat press the graphic artwork in front to produce the finished product. 

Canvas Tote Bag with Heat Transfer Printing
Tote Bag for St. Lukes Hospital

So what happens if you have a rush printing job to do for canvas tote bags? Look for DC9 to print your own tote bags!

Our in-house silkscreen and heat transfer printing facility ensures you get your rush printing job done within 3 days after order and artwork design confirmation.  

5 Irresistible Reasons to Print Canvas Bags as Corporate Gifts

A massive environmental nightmare is overshadowing the earth. Therefore, the ever growing popularity of canvas bags has emerged from the concepts revolving around environment friendly branding and promotional solutions. The escalating need of canvas, in spite of everything, is fueled by the totes’ undeniable social benefits. Not only is canvas a sustainable/renewable resource, they are recyclable and robust enough to stand up to years of use. 

With global warming budding as a daily anxiety, customers and designers alike are latched on to the reusable tote as a concrete measure they could take to benefit the environment. Reusing the canvas bags can possibly reduce, and ultimately eliminate, the billions of plastic bags that are thrown away every year. 

Aside from being eco-friendly, canvas bags have other benefits; 

Durability - if you want a product that's outdoor-ready, weather-resistant, and super tough, the material that comes to mind is canvas. It has a long history of being one of the sturdiest fabrics around.

Exact printing impression – Canvas is exceptional for imprinting because it is extremely receptive to ink transfer.  It acknowledges color easily, and ink sets well without leaking.  Once set, the ink does not flake, fade or rub off. Likewise, it will even stay put when the bag is washed.  It is the perfect fabric for imprinting with a logo.

It’s affordable - Canvas is a cost-effective fabric to manufacture, making it extremely affordable even for smaller companies and advertisers.  The promotional canvas tote bags are also inexpensive, which is why a majority of organizations use it as a giveaway.

It’s washable - Canvas does not necessitate special care.  It can be chucked in the washing machine with the rest of the laundry without destructing the fabric.  This is particularly significant if your consumers plan to utilize their bags for grocery shopping.  Food could possibly leak and stain the bag; washing can eliminate the stain, smell and bacteria when the bag is reused.

However, nobody likes a boring, dull brown canvas bag. For this purpose, DC9 Gifts Pte Ltd has introduced canvas bag printing to the market in Singapore. They have been providing various companies a chance to recreate their brand image in the minds of their consumers; simply by creatively utilizing canvas bags as a promotional tool. 

Canvas bags printing has become one of the key means of endorsement amid event-planners, whether it is used to sponsor a band or creating charity merchandise for fundraisers. Personalized canvas bags are an exceptionally effective means of promotion and entice a large target audience.

DC9 Gifts Pte Ltd employs a variety of printing techniques when it comes to canvas bags printing. They have designers who can suggest the design that would cater to the needs of the company. However, if you already have a design in your mind, then the company is more than welcome to send it to them. 

So why wait? Start thinking and get your custom-made canvas bag printing to attract potential customers.

5 Big Reasons to Print your Awesome Tote Bag with DC9 as the Next Marketing Tool

Introducing clever advertising tools in your marketing plan can be a struggle, particularly because the market is so dynamic now. However, it is a company’s challenge to keep the business relevant and the marketing strategies fresh so that potential consumers stay engaged. For this purpose, a latest new technique has come into play which is the supply of cheap A4 canvas bags especially the customized ones.

This is particularly true since tote bags have been considered as a status symbol in many parts of the world. However, given that these bags are now associated with B2B activities and the corporate world; numerous organizations use tote bags as giveaway and corporate gifts at orientations and events. These companies can utilize these bags as promotional giveaways. 

For this reason, tote bag printing has become a common phenomenon. This enables companies to print an assortment of designs and logos on the bag; facilitating the promotion of their brand. Customized tote bag allows a brand to maximize awareness, as well as making a lasting, memorable impression. These bags can be used for several purposes when it comes to branding:

Unique and memorable - A tote bag is distinctive and unforgettable because of its usefulness. It is appreciated by people given that it is less common and is not always expected as a gift.

Eco-friendly alternative- Tote bags are eco-friendly alternative to plastic shopping bags. Tote bag printing helps promote a business because the unique shape and design can different a brand from others. Some custom tote bags have a suitable cut out handle while others feature shoulder straps for ease of carrying. These customized bags can result in a higher brand recall.

Easy on the budget- One of the main distress when creating a promotional item is cost. When measured against other marketing tools like banners, branded tote bags are a comparatively low-cost way to get any message across. Personalized tote bags are sturdy, inexpensive and trendy.

Increased functionality- One of the greatest benefits of tote bag printing is their functionality. Everyone loves free gifts! They are much-awaited for items. Organization can incorporate a call to action, funny message or a stunning picture to assist people in recognizing the tote bags from a mile away.

Multipurpose- Tote bags are effective because they can be reused numerous times. These bags can also be recycled and be associated to promote a cause. 

DC9 Gifts Pte Ltd utilizes various methods for tote bag printing that eventually aids other companies to purchase these as promotional giveaways and gifts. They have a massive range of choices to select from, with an option of customizing the print on the bag. Moreover, the bags are environment friendly and are made of non-woven, cotton canvas, and jute and nylon materials. Various organizations can utilize tote bag printing to their advantage.