Three Advantages of Singapore Heat Transfer Printing


Contrary to silk screen printing, heat transfer printing is an entirely different method of image placement. The biggest difference is that each color in silkscreen printing must be manually printed while you can print unlimited color images using heat transfer printing.

Because of the above unique function, heat transfer printing is an optimum option for various products such as t-shirt printing, recycle tote bags printing and many other corporate gift products in Singapore. Here we are going to discuss three obvious advantages of using heat transfer printing

  1. Printing a small quantity at cheap cost. This application is extremely useful for t-shirts and canvas materials. As it does not involve any setup cost and moulds, this method allows a single piece print out.
  2. Full graphics printing with complex design and unlimited colors. Heat transfer printing method makes it possible to print complex graphics in an instant and transfer on fabrics, thus providing high quality graphics that have durability and wash well. Any design of color and gradient are printable.
  3. Unlimited alterations in an instant. Heat transfer printing graphics can be changed using graphic software such as Adobe and changes can be printed almost instantly.
heat transfer printing on tote bags, safety vests and drawstring bags
heat transfer printing on tote bags, safety vests and drawstring bags