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Customized Gifts Industry in Singapore

We are sharing some insights of customized corporate gifts industry developments in Singapore.

Embroidery Machine Printing in Singapore

Embroidery printing has been a traditional commercial branding method for many decades. It starts off as simple stitching on fabric materials and evolves to small sewing machines that automatically completes the task with minimum manual labour work.

Today, commercially, embroidery services on apparels such as t-shirt printing, canvas bag printing and many other promotional products are done using large, sophisticated machines with 4 heads, 6 heads or even more. These computerized sewing machines greatly increases companies’ productivity and output performances.

Embroidery Printing on Tote Bags

Embroidery service is one of the main three decorative methods for apparels and fabrics printing.

Contrary to silkscreen printing and heat transfer printing, logos and brands decorated on apparels and canvas materials are extremely lasting, washing machine resistant and professionally looking. However, like all printing methods, none is perfect by itself. Embroidered logos generally does not give a sharp and crisp finishing like heat transfer or silkscreen printed logos.

As seen on the finished canvas bag printing above, the embroidered logo has a fair bit of unevenness at all edges. This is part and parcel of embroidery service.

Embroidery Printing on Polo T-shirts

DC9 Gifts Pte Ltd provides high quality and cost efficient embroidery services in Singapore.

We are able to do embroidery on difficult and odd locations such as folding seams above the front pocket as shown in the picture above. This method of embroidery is extremely tedious and requires high level of accuracy and patience.

Besides apparel printing such as t-shirts printing, we can also provide embroidery services on canvas bags, baseball caps, aprons and any other kinds of Singapore corporate gifts with fabric materials.


Singapore Heat Transfer Printing
Singapore Heat Transfer Printing


Contrary to silk screen printing, heat transfer printing is an entirely different method of image placement. The biggest difference is that each color in silkscreen printing must be manually printed while you can print unlimited color images using heat transfer printing.

Because of the above unique function, heat transfer printing is an optimum option for various products such as t-shirt printing, recycle bags printing and many other corporate gift products in Singapore. Here we are going to discuss three obvious advantages of using heat transfer printing

  1. Printing a small quantity at cheap cost. 

    This application is extremely useful for t-shirts and canvas materials. As it does not involve any setup cost and moulds, this method allows a single piece print out.

  2. Full graphics printing with complex design and unlimited colors. 

    Heat transfer printing method makes it possible to print complex graphics in an instant and transfer on fabrics, thus providing high quality graphics that have durability and wash well. Any design of color and gradient are printable.

  3. Unlimited alterations in an instant. 

    Heat transfer printing graphics can be changed using graphic software such as Adobe and changes can be printed almost instantly.

    T-shirt heat transfer printing
    T-shirt heat transfer printing


Technical aspects of silkscreen printing in Singapore

Silkscreen Printing in SingaporeSilkscreen printing is one of the most traditional methods of printing in Singapore. It is also extremely versatile and cost effective for large volumes of the same design such as t-shirt printing, cotton canvas bags printing and other corporate gift products.

We are taking an example of a silkscreen printed canvas tote bag for Singapore’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs as a reference project to explain the technical steps involve right from design conception to printed end products to be delivered to end user.

The most important step in silkscreen printing involves preparing the mould. To do that, we have to print the require design onto a piece of transparency like the picture on the right above. The transparency is usually printed in black. The darker the printed design, the nicer the mould will be.

Silkscreen mould / block preparation

Silkscreen Mould Preparation

The first step to mould preparation involves coating a meshed wooden frame with emulsion. This process is known as coating and the item that coats the emulsion onto the frame is known as scoop coater. It is generally made of stainless steel.

Once the frame is nicely coated with emulsion, we place the printed transparency onto the surface and place the whole frame onto a UV exposure machine. Generally we have to expose the frame and transparency for 30 seconds.

Hosing down for a complete mould

Hosing Down Silkscreen Frame

We can remove the transparency after 30 seconds. We will then use a high-pressure hose to splash water on the coated frame. The area which was previously covered by black design will start to run off revealing a clear and porous artwork.

Ink will seep through this porous surface to give us the require print work.

Silkscreen printing commencement

Mounting Frame to Silkscreen Printer

We can mount the completed mould onto a printing machine ready for printing. Ink is poured onto the frame and a squeezy is used to flood the artwork. The porous whitish area will allow ink to seep through giving us the final printed artwork we want.


The video above shows a complete but much more complicated project with 6 different colors printed on tote bag. Each color is manually and accurately printed at the designated locations based on client's artwork. Enjoy the video!

DC9 Gifts Pte Ltd supplies customized corporate gifts in Singapore with in-house printing that ensures clients get the best printed end products. We print each gift product with patience bearing in mind high quality expectations of our valued customers.

Singapore Cheap Haversack Printing

It is the beginning of 2016 and many companies in Singapore are planning for events such as annual Dinner & Dance and gatherings. It is customary for companies to give each employee or guest a personalized gift or promotional product branded with logo as a token of appreciation. 

Is it often a difficult process to settle on a suitable gift for end users, both for experienced purchasers and newly appointed committees. As such, we are sharing some hottest trendy custom printed gift ideas for your next purchase.

Customized PU leather denim style name card holders

Traditional card holders come in metallic form or pure PU leather type. DC9 Gifts Pte Ltd has taken a step further in creating denim feel PU leather name card holder. Logos are branded either by silkscreen printing or heat transfer printing.

Customized haversack with space grey canvas material

DC9 has manufactured conventional haversacks with space grey canvas materials. These haversacks can be customized by silkscreen printing. Custom haversacks or custom printed backpacks are great giveaways for students during Childrens' Day or workers in the construction industry. 



Corporate Gifts Denim Drawstring Bags

In a progressively competitive and swarming global economy, corporate gifting is now a vital art and science particularly because a company’s financial stability depends on it.

A corporate giveaway is the most frequently used way to demonstrate appreciation. However, it is imperative to remember that just any gift would not work effectively. So what does that mean? Well, the response is straightforward: put yourself in the place of the receiver. Now think about the number of times you have received an unappealing gift and about the person who gave it to you.

Do you now see the value of treating corporate gifting as an art?

When it comes to the business world there is not a lot of difference with the personal world mainly because, businesses are run by individuals! Consequently, we must craft our business strategies in accordance to the people we are targeting. Given this, how do we master the art of corporate gifting?

  1. Set up a budget. It is important that as a company you must establish a flexible budget rather than a very tight one that would not let you to play around with choices. DC9 Gifts Pte Ltd provides an assortment of product alternatives to choose from within a flexible budget.

  2. Be creative. It is imperative to look at the recent patterns because it gives a clear picture of what is working for others and what is not. Nevertheless, it is also essential that you stand out. Creativity does not have to mean to make something that has never been produced before. It could also work if you find a new way of doing something that already exists. Corporate gifts Singapore range is attractive and trendy, which allows a company to creatively design it as they please.

  3. Have fun. Rather than making the gift selection procedure a “task” that requires to be completed, make it a reason to have fun with the team. This will activate your team’s creativity and, believe it or not, that good vibe will be printed in the items you are giving away. DC9 Gifts Pte Ltd is equipped with the best methods of printing the design their clients want on mugs, bags etc. Indulge your team; you will be surprised by the outcome.

  4. Create it representative of your brand’s values. Credibility is of key importance in any company and one of the most valuable ways to be credible is living by your business’s values. As a result, corporate gifts Singapore believes in producing gifts that represent their client’s business values.

  5. Find a perfect balance. The most important element in mastering the art of corporate gifting is finding a balance; that is the features of the gift to represent thoughtfulness and combining it with the brand image. Companies can use this technique to avoid bribing or overdoing the gifts. If you gift something that is irrelevant to your company, a wrong message might be delivered to them. Making the investment in gifting pointless.


Silkscreen Printing on Canvas Bags

DC9 Gifts Pte Ltd supplies and delivers thousands and thousands of printed corporate gifts in Singapore every year. Each piece of printed product is carefully crafted and checked before we deliver to our clients.

As such, not many clients are aware of what is going on behind the printing processes at our in-house printing facility. This article aims to share the production flow behind our printing and we are taking canvas bag printing as the example.

What you see above is a canvas bag covered over a printing board. Before we start printing, we will have to do the following:

1.       Mix the required Pantone code color for the paint - this process takes years of experience to master to get it right.

2.       Position mounting – our production colleague will mount the printing frame on top of the printing board so that the product is printed at its required position.

3.       And finally we will do a test print to see if the Pantone code and position of printing is as requested by client.

What you see on the right is a finished canvas bag printing in different Pantone codes but with the same design.

Canvas Tote Bag Printing

1. Experience

We have been in the corporate gifts and promotional products industry in Singapore for the past 4 years. We started off as a humble home based sourcing firm for our clients. Over the years, we have grown and started to purchase machines for in house production. We know very well what clients expect in terms of quality of products, production lead time, wide range of economical gifts and approachable friendly service from our gift consultants. We always strive our very best to exceed these expectations!

2. Quality of products

Most of our gift products (in fact almost all the corporate gift products) come from different parts of China, Indonesia, Malaysia and Vietnam. We have sourcing offices located at these countries where we have established good relationships with the factory management staff. This allows us to do quarterly annual audit at these places to ensure you receive the best quality products from us.

3. Production lead time

We are able to deliver products at extremely short notice. For example, for canvas bag printing. we are able to deliver within 3-5 days after order confirmation. We are also able to deliver low quantity where our gift suppliers are unable to match.

4. Wide range of corporate gifts

We know very well many a times, budget constraint is often a deciding factor on purchasing these customized corporate gifts. Hence, we have a wide range of corporate gift products of which some will definitely meet your budget.

5. Friendly gift consultants at DC9

Feel free to consult any of our gift consultants for any advice by calling us directly at +65 6274 8452 and we will be most glad to assist you. We will work with you to prepare the most suitable promotional gift for your events.

We do apologize that at times we might not be contactable when some of us are out-stationed or are busy working at the production room. Please bear with us when that happens or you may want to call the gift consultants directly on urgent matters.

Singapore corporate gifts

In Singapore, corporate gifts, a common name for door gifts, promotional gifts or tokens, are an excellent way of attracting and valuing your consumers whose support is invaluable to your business. Singapore corporate gifts are often in the form of tote bags printing, mugs, pens, USB flash drives, T-shirts, and even more can be supplied by DC9 Gifts Pte Ltd.

Singapore corporate gifts lead to customer loyalty and here are five top most reasons DC9 Gifts Pte Ltd collects during its service:

1.       Brand recallWhen a customer receives exclusive Singapore corporate gifts, it automatically increases loyalty and brand recall among them. This, in turn, would augment both the order frequency and order size of your customers, therefore resulting to the expansion of your business’ revenue.

2.       Increase Sales - clients who receive corporate gifts are more prone to spending on products and services from the company that gave it. Sales will also logically augment in accordance with amplified goodwill and brand awareness. Customers who feel that they are getting more value for money or are highly cherished, will purchase more from your company.

3.       Raise Your Brand’s Awareness - Using promotional material such as corporate gifts quite literally puts the company’s/brand’s name out there. By giving out gifts with your business logo, name, and contact information, you are dispersing awareness of your company. By receiving something free of cost from the company, the customers associate with the gift and in turn, your business, positively.

4.       Improve Customer Image and Perception- By receiving a gift, an individual develops a positive perception of the giver. The idea of giving is linked with goodwill. By giving Singapore corporate gifts to your current and potential clients, you improve your company’s image and amplify positive perceptions.

5.       Maintains Customer LoyaltyRepeat purchases are way of customers to show loyalty towards a business or brand. Research exhibits that consumers who receive corporate gifts are generally more inclined to indulge in repeat purchases. It also insists on the partnership link amid your business stakeholders.

DC9 Gifts Pte Ltd understands the recent developments in the corporate gifts market and delivers items that are suitable to the needs of their clients. DC9 Gifts Pte Ltd supplies a wide range of Singapore corporate gifts such as customized USB flash drives, t-shirts and recycled bags with customized printing; personalized water bottles, felt folders and L-shape files for companies across all industries globally.

DC9 Gifts Pte Ltd is bound to provide excellent service to its clients starting from consulting its clients the suitable product, crafting an appropriate design, and finally supplying the final customized Singapore corporate gifts that will strengthen the loyalty of its client’s customers.

Singapore Corporate Gift Sets

Gifting for family and friends revolves around care, deliberation and finding something unique that will appeal them and create an impact. Why should it be any different in the corporate sector?

The business world is altering, stimulated by a millennial generation who are reforming the way organizations work. With this, marketing practices and the way organizations connect with their clients have also revolutionized.

Corporate gifting is a valuable business practice that delivers the goods in more ways than one.  Employing this strategy can assist to enhance existing relations, create new relationships, and recommends a cost-effective way to identify clients in a meaningful way. Therefore, Singapore corporate gifts focuses on generating positive engagement and feeling. Whether you are gifting near or afar handcrafted and personalized items set the new standard in gifting.

Following these five simple rules when it comes to corporate gifting will make certain that your company’s customers know how much you value their business.

1.       Consider your client’s interests Research about out what sports, hobbies or pastimes your customers enjoy.  Singapore corporate gifts give the liberty of designing a giveaway that will resonate with your clients.  Make your gift stand out just as you want your company to stand out.

2.       Presentation is vital - Whatever your gift giving finances might be, you do not want it to materialize that you are gifting on the cheap. Have the giveaways wrapped professionally; the arrangement is an important component of the present. Think of how much more exhilarating a simple gift, such as canvas tote bags or a mug, could be with fun, celebratory packaging.

3.       Send the right message – corporate gifts are meant to show appreciation for the special relationship you have with the client, not for the worth of the business they do with you. If you send a giveaway that is too expensive or valuable, it can mean that you are trying to acquire the customer’s business. When it comes to exhibiting gratitude for that exclusive relationship, do not overdo it! There is a thin line between a bribe and a thank you and the wrong giveaway at the wrong time may cause unnecessary inquiry.

4.       Be Subtle about Branding - Whether you are gifting pens, tote bags, or mugs, it’s likely that your company’s logo will be printed on your gifts to differentiate the brand, construct employee culture and fascinate clients. However it is imperative that you ensure that the logo is understated and tasteful so that it is not off-putting to the recipient. DC9 Gifts Pte Ltd; a global supplier of Singapore corporate gifts can guide you in selecting the appropriate design.  

5.       Consider Cultural Differences - Different countries and cultures have their own set of laws for corporate gift giving. Devote time in examining gift giving and receiving traditions if you are doing business with an international company. In China, for instance, a gift wrapped in white or black color sheets is not accepted because these colors symbolize death. Religious beliefs must also be taken under consideration when it comes to this sensitive area.

Canvas Bag Printing for NParks

It is customary in Singapore for government agencies, MNCs and SMEs to give out corporate gifts and promotional products to their clients or end users. These printed products are often given out during new government initiatives, product launches, school events such as children’s day and teachers day and many more. Judging from past experiences, we feel that these corporate gifts need not be expensive and extravagant even if there’s budget. We are sharing two important considerations for event organizers who host campaigns throughout the year.

Firstly, the promotional product giveaway must be coherent with marketing campaign. For example, for a Recycled and Reuse campaign hosted by NParks to promote environmentally friendly initiatives, it is not appropriate to give promotional product such as power banks and USB thumb drives. Instead, a more suitable corporate gift will be a canvas tote bag printed with event slogan. This canvas bag printing will allow end users to reuse and recycle thus further enhances campaign effort.

Secondly, the gift item must be practical to majority of end users. There’s not much practical use to give business card holders to kids during Children’s Day when they cannot make use of them in their daily lives. Instead, giving a customized notebook or BPA free water bottle will go a long way for them.

Do contact us for more corporate gifts printing ideas in Singapore.