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Corporate gifts Singapore - L-Shape Folder with External Name Card Holder

L-Shape Folder with External Name Card Holder

Customized A4 Plastic File Folders with External Name Card Holders

In general most A4 L-shape file folders come in 2 flaps of plastics hot stamped from top left down to bottom right in a L shape manner. That’s why it is called L shape folder. This is the most basic configuration of such file folders and constitutes to 70-80% of sales for such design.

Click here for more pricing options for basic A4 L-shape folders.

Many companies will want some add-on and customized these folders to cater to their own needs. One of such additional is a name card holder or pocket on top of the L shape folder as shown below.

We will hot stamp a small piece of plastic at designated location on 3 sides leaving a slot open on one side for name cards.

Name card holders come in both portrait and landscape orientations to suit clients preferences.

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