Custom L-Shape Folder with External Name Card Holder


Customized A4 Plastic File Folders with External Name Card Holders for MANN FILTER

In general most A4 L-shape file folders come in 2 flaps of plastics hot stamped from top left down to bottom right in a L shape manner. That’s why it is called L shape folder. This is the most basic configuration of such file folders and constitutes to 70-80% of sales for such design. The main purpose of custom L-shape folders printing is to organize and store documents and loose pieces of papers.

Besides the standard L-shape folders configurations, many companies will want some add-on and customized these folders to cater to their own needs. One of such additional is a name card holder or pocket on top of the L shape folder as shown below. We will hot stamp a small piece of plastic at designated location on 3 sides leaving a slot open on one side for name cards.

Name card holders come in both portrait and landscape orientations to suit clients preferences.

They are generally 3 benefits of L-shape folders with a front pocket or name card holder:

  1. For Easy Identification: The name card holder in front of the L-shape folder allows for easy identification of the folder’s contents. By placing a name card in the holder, you can quickly and easily identify what is in the folder without having to open it. This feature is particularly useful when dealing with a large number of folders or when searching for a specific document in a stack of folders.
  2. Professional Appearance: L-shape folders with name card holders in front provide a professional appearance that is suitable for use in any business or organization. The name card holder allows for the inclusion of company logos or personal identification, which adds to the professional look of the folder. Additionally, the L-shape design is sturdy and durable, which helps protect important documents from damage.
  3. Increased Organization: The L-shape design of the folder provides ample space for holding a large number of documents, and the name card holder in front ensures that the folder’s contents are easily identifiable. This combination of features makes L-shape folders with name card holders in front an excellent organizational tool for businesses, schools, and individuals alike. By keeping documents organized and easily accessible, these folders can help increase productivity and efficiency.