Custom Printed T-shirts Washing Instructions

Custom Printed T-shirts washing instructions

How Commercially Printed T-Shirts in Singapore Should Be Washed and Points To Note

Firstly, thank you very much for purchasing your custom shirts printed from DC9 Gifts Pte Ltd! We hope you like the customized printing and do let us know if you have any feedback.

This letter serves to share some important pointers in washing your silkscreen printed T-shirts to ensure you have a much lasting print for your artwork. These general tips apply to both round neck t-shirts and polo t-shirts alike, be it silkscreen or heat transfer printed t-shirts.

  1. Use cold water and avoid extreme hot water if possible. This will be gentle on the fabric.
  2. Do not use strong bleaching agent or strong washing powder.
  3. Turn your shirts inside out during washing and drying. This is to protect the print and avoid scratching with other items in the washing machine.
  4. Do not place your silkscreen printed shirts into hot dryer. It will cause the ink to harden and crack.
  5. Wash similar color clothes together. Do not place light color fabrics with dark color fabrics.

We hope you find the above shirt washing tips useful and we look forward to do your next customized t-shirt printing project with us! Yours Sincerely, DC9 Gifts Team