4 Compelling Technical Reasons Why DC9 Canvas Bags are a Cut above the Rest of Competitors.

4 compelling technical reasons why DC9 canvas bags are a cut above the rest of competitors

Four Compelling Reasons Why DC9 Gifts Pte Ltd is The Largest Wholesale Suppliers for Canvas Tote Bags Printing in Singapore

We, DC9 Gifts Pte Ltd are the largest wholesale suppliers and stockist of canvas tote bags in Singapore. There are 4 undeniable facts why our high-quality canvas bags are a cut above the rest.

Our bags have the best strength-to-weight ratio.

These canvas tote bags are strong enough to carry all the heavy groceries. At the same time, they need to be lightweight too. This high strength to weight ratio is made possible with our closely knitted fabric and cross-stitched handles. Our canvas bags can handle a fully loaded content effortlessly.

Our bags are durable.

The canvas constitutes cotton which is a durable material. The plain weave makes the canvas strong in addition to making it durable too. Our canvas bags can last for multiple years, even decades, without wearing or tearing through.

Our Canvas tote bags are washable.

They do not need any special care. You can toss them in the washing machine with the laundry without damaging the stuff. So, you can easily wash out the food stains and leaks, removing the transfer of microbes when you reuse such as bag on shopping time.

They are natural and 100% cotton.

As above mentioned, the canvas is made up of cotton. Cotton plant produces natural fiber, cotton, making it easy and hypo-allergic to produce. As cotton is a renewable resource, it is made with low impact of environment and it is also recyclable. Our canvas tote bags are affordable. As canvas is a non-expensive fabric, so the bags are also affordable even for small advertisers and businesses.

There are many tote bag suppliers in the market. But DC9 Gifts is the only company that supplies high quality canvas bag printing that is much better compared to other competitors.