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Rectangular Block Water Bottles

3 big reasons to print customized water bottles with DC9 Gifts Pte Ltd

Water bottles are essential tools to stay hydrated in our daily lives. We use water bottles for sports and exercises such as mountain climbing, cycling activities, crossfit training, jogging, Children’s Day and many more. Many corporate companies are taking advantage of it’s wide usages for their marketing campaigns by printing their logos.


Water bottles come in various colors, shapes, capacities and materials. Over the years, DC9 Gifts Pte Ltd has imported different types of cool water bottles to cater to different clients’ requirements. We are going to discuss 3 big reasons why customizing your next batch of water bottles with DC9 – Singapore Corporate Gifts Headquarters will be your best marketing choice for 2018!


  1. In-house silkscreen printing – we have in house silkscreen printing facilities to assist our clients with their logo printing. This means that quality of printing is guaranteed and well taken care of. We can also do rush orders for water bottles printing within 3 days and deliver to your events and exhibitions hall.


  1. Various capacities and colors – we have many types of water bottles that come in various colors and capacities. Do visit our main water bottles page for all ready stock models as we continuously import new products.


  1. Cool water bottles designs – Look for us to custom made your next batch of innovative square and rectangular block water bottles or A5 size memo notebook water bottles. We have them all under one roof!


So do drop us an email for your next batch of water bottles printing!

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