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Say Yes to BPA Free Water Bottles

In the world of plastic and water bottles; a recent controversy has emerged. When you go shopping for bottles, you must have noticed a tag attached saying BPA free water bottles. So what exactly is this phenomenon and how can one benefit from it?

Bisphenol-A (BPA) is a chemical compound normally found in bottles as a consequence of the manufacturing procedure. Consumption of BPA could lead to serious diseases such as infertility, cancer, early puberty etc.  It is a colorless solid material that is easily soluble in natural solvents however it is difficult for the chemical to dissolve in the water. This is why BPA free water bottles are now appreciated more often, especially because of the trendy styles that it comes in.

Similarly, in the corporate gifts sector the trend to give BPA free water bottles to the clients is considered as a unique marketing tactic. Corporate gifting is essentially done to appreciate the clients and to encourage repeat purchases. However, this method is utilized to transmit a subtle message rather than indulging in bribery to buy business. Finding a corporate giveaway that is relevant to your business is imperative to create an impact. This is why it is important that you choose a giveaway, which resonates with the brand image and the interests of the clients.

Numerous organizations today offer gift ideas to the companies by critically evaluating their requirements and the marketing trends. These water bottles can be a great gift for clients who are careful about their health and what they consume. This element can be associated because BPA free bottles are environmental friendly products that reduce the risks involved in other plastic bottles. Moreover, it is especially true if the bottles are personalized. Customizing a water bottle only makes it high end, which would be an appropriate corporate gift for VIP’s.

BPA free water bottles in this competitive market have never looked better, especially with brands placing great importance on the design and aesthetics. A variety of options are accessible within this category of bottles;

  1. Plastic BPA Free Water Bottles- this is a perfect alternative for individuals who want to reduce the weight in their bags or for people who are lazy. This bottle minimizes breakages.
  2. Glass BPA Free Water Bottles- This is an elegant version of the bottle that can facilitate an individual to transport their beverage. The material utilized makes it completely free from BPA.
  3. Stainless Steel BPA Free Water Bottles- This type works for individuals who are outdoorsy. Additionally the material is very durable.

DC9 Gifts Pte Ltd is one the top quality distributor of corporate gifts in Singapore. They offer a wide variety of gifts that their clients (companies) can give to their customers. Their gift range includes tailored USB flash drives, t-shirt printing, BPA free water bottles, recycled bags printing, felt folders and L-shape files for companies across all industries globally.

They offer up to date and retro water bottle designs to attract the clients. DC9 Gifts Pte Ltd utilizes a superior material for the bottles, which can make an excellent gift especially for clients that are conscious about their health and care about the environment.


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