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Singapore Umbrella Printing

This category lists out articles related to umbrella printing.

DC9 Gifts Pte Ltd supplies customized and innovative corporate and promotional products in Singapore.

We have recently supply a batch of transparent custom LED umbrella imprinted with corporate logos for HP and Intel Singapore with their respective pantone codes. We are able to customize different LED light colours such as blue, red, orange, green or even a mix of rainbow colours. Each LED umbrella handles comes with a LED torchlight.


Learn exactly how high quality Singapore umbrella printings are done

Many companies in Singapore are choosing promotional umbrellas as their corporate gifts due to practical and marketing purposes

Where marketing is concerned, umbrella has wide advertising brand exposure when corporate logos are printed onto various panels. Companies' brands are instantly recognized by their corporate logo and colors. And this is what DC9 Gifts Pte Ltd offers - we print your logo with maximum brand exposure. We are able to imprint your logo with any text or logo. However, different corporate logo will require different treatment due to printing technique limitations. This articles aims to discuss two most important printing methods in umbrella printing.



  1. Silkscreen printing - this is the most common type of printing where simple text and logos are printed. Silkscreen printing is limited to solid color printing. Graphics and gradient artworks cannot be printed using silkscreen printing. As seen in the black umbrella printed for Singapore Airlines above, logo is printed in white with solid color.

  2. Heat transfer printing - this is the alternative printing method for umbrellas. This method is used widely for graphics and artworks with gradient. As seen in the umbrella printed for City Development Limited, graphics of flower can be nicely printed with much vibrancy and clarity.

 Do contact us, Singapore Umbrella Supplier, if you have any query regarding umbrella printing in Singapore.


A guide to Singapore umbrella printing

Everyone uses umbrella one time or another. Be it for rainy days, sun scorching mid day or even as fashion! Umbrellas are used for many occasions which invoke the idea of marketing and branding in the advertising industry. Besides its original practicality, companies are giving away these umbrellas with their corporate logo printed on the panels.

As Singapore umbrella supplier, DC9 Gifts Pte Ltd has put together a few pointers for ready stock umbrella printing in Singapore. We hope to share with our clients and readers some of the technical aspects in umbrella printing. 

  1. Types of umbrellas - umbrellas are generally divided into 2 different types, straight unfoldable umbrellas and foldable umbrellas. Straight umbrellas are used if space is not a constraint as it cannot be folded. Golf and picnic umbrellas are variants of straight umbrellas. 3 folded types are being used if portability is a main consideration. These 3 folds can be placed conveniently inside a bag. Besides 3 folds, there are also 2 folds umbrellas in the market.

  2. Parts of an umbrella - there are 4 types to an umbrella. Canopy is the part with 8 different panels where logo is printed. It is made of either polyester or pongee material. Skeleton is the wire mesh underneath the canopy which closes or opens up the canopy. Shaft is the middle long straight portion which could be made of either carbon fiber or metal. Handle is the holding part which could be made of either woods or plastic.

  3. Types of printing - umbrellas can be printed either by silkscreen printing or heat transfer printing. Silkscreen printing is generally for simple colors. Heat transfer printing for more complex graphics. 

For more advise about umbrella printing in Singapore, kindly contact Singapore corporate supplier - DC9 Gifts Pte Ltd at +65 6274 8452 or send us an email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..