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Tote Bag Printing

This category lists out articles related to tote bag printing in Singapore.

We are sharing the important things to take note when it comes to customized tote bag printing using canvas, non-woven or nylon materials.

Advertising with Canvas Tote Bag Printing

Canvas Tote Bag - Uses and Printing For Advertising Your Brand

If you own a business of some sort you will need ways to advertise it to your potential customers. You want this advertising to attract as many people as possible and one way of doing that is by printing your brand’s logo or saying onto custom canvas tote bags.

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wide range tote bags printing in singapore

A canvas tote bag is often one without a closure, though some have zippers. Most have sturdy type of handles, some have compartments, while others are open. Whatever the case canvas tote bags have lots of different uses and are gaining popularity in Singapore.

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By printing your logo or brand info onto canvas tote bags you will be educating your potential customers on who you are and what you do. This type of advertising is appropriate for any kind of canvas tote bag.

What kind of canvas tote bags are available?

Canvas tote bags are a very versatile way to advertise your brand to your targeted audience. These type of bags are available in a variety of types, sizes, and colors. This makes them a superior product and choice for your business to have them printed and then pass them out at places like trade shows, special events and conventions. Besides your brand logo or saying, you can have just about anything printed onto a canvas tote bag from dates to pictures and more.

There are many kinds of canvas tote bags to choose from. Here are just a few ways you can use canvas tote bags:

  1. Canvas Grocery Tote Bags

These days lots of places are banning plastic bags at grocery stores and other businesses. This makes canvas grocery bags a viable and popular substitute. Even if your state or locality still allows plastic grocery bags, it is a good idea to encourage their usage in order to help protect the environment. You can have these bats imprinted with all the information about your brand and get people to use them not only for shopping at your store but for carrying anything else they desire, as this gets your name out in public for lots of your potential customers to see.

  1. Canvas Beach Tote Bags

Another great way to use canvas tote bags is to create them for using at the beach. You can carry all sorts of beach gear in them such as towels, sunscreen, snacks, toys, books, drinks and more. Some of these bags are even insulated to keep your food or drinks cold. No matter what they are used for, you can have your company name and info printed onto them for advertising it to your clients.

  1. Canvas Overnight Tote Bags

Canvas bags also make great overnight bags if you only need to go out of town for a couple days. These bags can hold clothing and toiletries and whatever you need to bring to hold you for a weekend stay. Some of them have zippers and some don’t, it all depends on your needs, but all of them can have things printed onto them to advertise your business if you desire.

  1. Canvas Gym Tote Bags

Gym bags don’t have to be fancy. You can get great usage out of canvas tote bags for holding all your needs from sneakers to deodorant. Print up your company logo on them too and they are a great way to get more customers to use your products and services.

  1. Canvas Gift Tote Bags

Who needs fancy wrapping paper? You can make it two gifts in one by putting the gift into a canvas tote bag. These bags are very versatile and the recipient can use them for whatever they desire. Plus, with your brand’s logo or operating hours on it, these canvas gift bags serve as super advertisers for any sort of business.

  1. Canvas Laundry Tote Bags

If you want something sturdier to carry your laundry around in, then consider canvas laundry bags instead of those mesh sacks many people use. Depending on the size, you can create canvas laundry bags to hold a day’s worth or a month’s worth of laundry and include a side pocket for holding soap and dryer sheets. Add an advertisement of your brand printed on the side, and you get instant brand recognition.

  1. Canvas Activity Tote Bags

What about an all-purpose canvas activity bag to carry around things for a road trip or even just for a day out on the town. You can load one up with snacks, books, games, etc. for a child or yourself. There are lots of options for filling up a canvas tote activity bag. Since the goals here are to use these type of canvas tote bags to be taken everywhere, they are especially useful for advertising your company brand by having it printed onto the side of the bat.

  1. Canvas Diaper Tote Bags

Canvas Diaper bags are quite popular for carrying around baby stuff from place to place. You can take food, diapers, bottles, creams, lotions, etc. Add a special compartment for separating different kinds of things if needed. And just like with the rest, add your brand’s logo or remarks onto the side and you can get your message out to the world.  

  1. Canvas Craft Tote Bags

Lots of people have a hobby and need something to carry around everything that goes with that activity. Enter canvas tote bags made into the perfect craft tote bag. You can carry everything from knitting supplies to painting supplies to Lego blocks. Get one with a zipper and nothing will fall out or get lost. It is fun to have printed tote bags to carry around your hobby materials, and get better known by your clients.

  1. Canvas tote bags as a Fashion Accessory.

And to top it all off, you can create a tote bag that is a fashion accessory to all your fun clothing. Canvas tote bags aren’t boring either! You can get them in many different colors so they go with anything, and made with or without extra compartments or pockets. Some ladies even use canvas tote bags as handbags. And no matter what type of canvas tote bag it is, usually there is some sort of brand advertisement on it too.

All in all, canvas tote bags are quite strong, durable and last a long time. You can probably get one that lasts for several years if you take good care of it. And they can be used over and over, so are great to use for saving the environment.

Durable Canvas Tote Bag

We, DC9 Gifts Pte Ltd are the largest wholesale suppliers and stockist of canvas tote bags in Singapore. There are 4 undeniable facts why our high-quality canvas bags are a cut above the rest.


Our bags have the best strength-to-weight ratio.

These canvas shopping bags should be strong enough to carry all the heavy groceries. At the same time, they need to be lightweight too. This high strength to weight ratio is made possible with our closely knitted fabric and cross-stitched handles. Our canvas bags can handle a fully loaded content effortlessly.

Our bags are durable.

The canvas constitutes cotton which is a durable material. The plain weave makes the canvas strong in addition to making it durable too. Our canvas bags can last for multiple years, even decades, without wearing or tearing through.

Our Canvas tote bags are washable.

They do not need any special care. You can toss them in the washing machine with the laundry without damaging the stuff. So, you can easily wash out the food stains and leaks, removing the transfer of microbes when you reuse such as bag on shopping time.

They are natural and 100% cotton.

As above mentioned, the canvas is made up of cotton. Cotton plant produces natural fiber, cotton, making it easy and hypo-allergic to produce. As cotton is a renewable resource, it is made with low impact of environment and it is also recyclable. Our canvas tote bags are affordable. As canvas is a non-expensive fabric, so the bags are also affordable even for small advertisers and businesses.

There are many tote bag suppliers in the market. But DC9 is the only company that supplies high quality canvas bag printing that is much better compared to other competitors.


Canvas Bag Printing for Mother's Day

Do you know that canvas tote bags are necessarily important for almost every special occasion in Singapore? These bags make perfect party gift favor for a variety of special events. From printing workshops to personalized tote bags, you can combine our awesome canvas bag printing services and your artwork design to create personalized bags that are uniquely yours. Everyone will love the affordability and multi-functionality of these bags. There are five kinds of events that offer amazing ways to use canvas tote bags, let us talk about each of them:

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Kids tote bag printing workshop

Canvas Bag Printing Workshop for Kids
M1's Canvas Bag Printing Workshop - #BuildMyOne


In tote bag printing workshops, kids draw with different designs and create templates to print on our wide variety of tote bags. Canvas bag printing workshop and activity are the best moments to unleash your kids’ creativity during school holidays. Every child will take the beautifully designed tote bags homes for daily usage.

Products launch marketing campaigns

Canvas Bag Printing for Companies Event
Canvas Bag Printed for Companies Product Launch


For any product launch marketing campaign or a perfect marketing approach, the canvas tote bags play an important role. They can appeal to the customers and can influence acquaintances in business. The bags used in the campaigns are custom-made with the marketing slogans or emblem to carry the message that you want to demonstrate. For enhancing the brand image and brand prominence, you can choose us for the high-quality bags that are long-lasting and up-to-the-minute.

Fathers and Mother’s day

Canvas Bag Printing for Father's Day
Special Canvas Bags for Father's Day


If you are searching for a gift for a mother’s or father’s day, we have the best solution for you. We have a diversity of design templates that we have gathered to assist you in creating the personalized tote bags for you within no time. The bags allow you to add any photo or name for finishing off the design. Go the extra bag and create a unique gift that your mother or father will love. You can also tell us your own design for tote bags so that you can get the design of your own choice. 

Personalized tote bags

The personalized tote bags are used for numerous special events and they are a non-expensive way to show you care. Buy wholesale canvas tote bags from us at DC9 Gifts Pte Ltd. Use our canvas bag printing services to make your bags look different from others.

We make amazing styles of tote bags for you to make them look unusual from the other bags. These bags are trendy nowadays and more people are using them for school, book, beach, travel, work, and grocery shopping.

Party plain canvas bag carriers 

Party organizers love our plain canvas bags without any. If you don’t like personalizing your bag, take the plain canvas bags for carrying out in a party. The plain bags look amazing when you carry them wherever you are going. Have a look at our bags and find out the best one with the color you love. 


Black Canvas Bag Printing

DC9 Gifts Pte Ltd was engaged by Campari Singapore to produce a batch of canvas bag printing for Wild Turkey Bourbon Whiskey. The distinctive turkey illustration was printed with white silkscreen printing against a 8 Oz black canvas tote bag material.

Our production department handled the whole printing process with much care and attention to ensure the life-like features of the iconic turkey, especially the feathers, were printed in the most prominent and striking manner.

This canvas tote bag is both practical for daily use as well as excellent corporate gift with large printed area to promote the brand.

Polyester Drawstring Bag

DC9 Gifts Pte Ltd was engaged by Crocs Singapore to print a batch of waterproof polyester drawstring bags for their event held in Vivo City in March 2018.

The drawstring bag is water proof and comes with beehive or hexagonal soccer pattern. It was printed with the trademark LiteRide in the middle of the bag which gives the bag an overall classy and sleek feel.

This event is meant for Crocs’ LiteRide which is the newest innovation in Crocs line of comfort products.

ISS Canvas Bag Printing

DC9 Gifts Pte Ltd was engaged by ISS  to supply a batch of canvas bag printing for their HSE (Health, Safety & Environment) event to be held in March 2018.

The canvas bag comes in natural beige color with 8 Oz density. The handle measures 60cm in length from edge to edge.

The bag was printed in 3 different Pantone codes – ISS’s main dark blue color in 296 C with an orange and apple green color.

ISS is the world’s leading facility services company which manages risk and tailors solutions for end users.

Do contact us for ex-stock or ready stock canvas bag printings in Singapore.

A3 cotton canvas tote bags printing

DC9 Gifts Pte Ltd is engaged directly by DBS to supply and imprint canvas tote bags for their event People of Purpose. These canvas tote bags are made of 8 Oz cotton canvas material which is extremely strong and durable for daily uses. 

The canvas bag measures 40cm by width, 32cm by height and a 10cm base.  

The front is imprinted with 2 solid colors of black and red 485C which are DBS corporate color. 

The back is imprinted with the same colors for their event logo. 

Do contact us at 6274 8452 if you are interested in customizing recycled tote bags in Singapore.


Portrait Non-Woven Bags

We have replenished our ready stocks of non woven bags with different dimensions and densities.

Latest arrival of portrait A4 non-woven bags measuring about 35cm by height, 30cm by width and 8cm by depth. Density is 80 GSM which is strong enough to hold up to 7kg of contents.

5 different colours are avilable. Dark green, Black, White, Royal Blue and Red. Corporate logos may be silkscreen printed according to your artwork.

Cheap Canvas Bags with Heat Transfer Printing

Canvas bag printing is getting more and more popular over the years because of the world's continuous effort in phasing out plastic bag carriers which take million years to disintegrate.

There are generally 3 methods of canvas bag printing in Singapore - silkscreen printing, heat transfer printing and direct-to-garment printing. 

DC9 Gifts Pte Ltd has in-house heat transfer machines and thus we are able to supply cheap canvas bags with heat transfer printing requirements. Heat transfer printing technique is suitable for artworks with complex logo and gradient like the one we have done for Festival for Good 2018.

12 oz ready stock black canvas tote bag

DC9 Gifts Pte Ltd was engaged by Changi General Hospital Singapore to print a batch of thick 12 Oz A3 black canvas tote bags for their Health Wellness Programme themed Flourishing Lives.

The artwork was an oil painting imprinted using heat transfer printing on one side of the bag.

This is our ready stock CB-03 black canvas tote bag.

Lead time for heat transfer printing is typically 2-3 weeks after order and design confirmation.

Ready Stock Canvas Drawstring Bags Supplier in Singappore

Schools in Singapore have freshmen or new intake orientation camps or activities every year. New students will get to know each other, teachers and new environment through a series of activities organized by the school.

During these orientation camps, organizers will usually give out some simple yet practical corporate gifts or promotional products to make these events more memorable.

DC9 Gifts Pte Ltd was engaged by SJI to mass print a batch of beige canvas drawstring bags for the Orientation Camp in 2018. Canvas bag was printed with a eye catching theme of Olympia with a tagline of “ST. JOSEPH’S INSTITUTION JC1 ORIENTATION 2018” to commemorate the event.

The artwork was printed with SJI’s green signature color with Pantone code 336C.

Do look for us if you require ready stock drawstring bags printing in Singapore.